The mission of the Hopkinsville Police Department is to protect the citizens of our city, and their property, from crime and those who threaten our community’s safety, peace, and overall well-being.  Officers will provide citizens with the safety and security they have been entrusted with through fair, honest, fearless, and hard-working policing.


The vision of the Hopkinsville Police Department is to close any gaps between our Department and the Community.  Our vision can be accomplished by being open-minded, using open-communication, and training.  A trusting and solid relationship with the community will combat crime, community tension, and create unity amongst us all, which is the ultimate goal of humanity.

Message From The Chief

I believe it is important for a Police Chief to have a vision. A good vision help motivate action and prevents complacency. Staying committed to vision will show seeable changes and improvements to the department and community. The following are my visions I would like to implement over the next 5 years.

  • Have the Department fully staffed.
  • Have constant patrols on the Rails to Trails, along with adding additional call boxes and cameras.
  • Have a mission-oriented unit to combat gun violence in our city.
  • Have all officers trained in crisis intervention and mediation to help reduce the number of response to resistance incidents and create positive public/officer interactions.
  • Work with the Emergency Management Director, along with other agencies, to improve the existing radio issues.
  • Have the Emergency Call Center fully staffed.
  • Have bi-annual ward meetings with citizens, to include the Mayor and Council member, to hear their issues and concerns.
  • Have a mission-oriented unit to combat drug trafficking in our city.
  • Reestablish the Neighborhood Watch Programs and maximize citizen participation to help combat burglaries, which is Hopkinsville’s number 1 crime.
  • Create a homeless outreach program to reduce, or even eliminate, our homeless population.

In closing, the aforementioned visions are not all inclusive, nor listed in any particular order of priority. I will work with the Mayor, City Administrator, City Council, fellow law enforcement officers, and the citizens of Hopkinsville to turn these visions, and many more, into reality.


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