It is the mission of the Hopkinsville Police Department to enhance the quality of life in our city by working in partnership with the citizens, businesses and other government agencies to safe guard life and property, aggressively and fairly enforce the laws, and through collaboration solve community problems.


The Hopkinsville Police Department, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing and maintaining a professional police agency that is community oriented and highly motivated thereby making our neighborhoods safe to all citizens and visitors.

Message From The Chief


Clayton Sumner

My philosophy is to be responsible, honest, display consistency in exercising integrity, and always lead by example while expecting my subordinates to do the same. I believe a good leader comes out of careful preparation, thoughtful experiment, and determined follow-through. I believe leaders are held to a higher standard and the success of an agency depends on the leader of that agency. The leader is accountable for what does or doesn’t happen. As a leader, I must model behavior I want everyone in my command to display.

I believe it is important to be sensitive to employees needs and to reward individuals who go above and beyond. I am open to new ideas that may be beneficial to the department. I believe it is important to put the department and employees needs in front of my own. It is also my responsibility to help all employees become the best person and employee they can be. I will do everything I can to ensure the department and employees have what is needed to do the job efficiently and effectively. I will be the best advocate for the agency. It is important to be a leader, but I am also a follower of the highest standard of ethics.



We are committed to the highest level of service with character, spirit, and honor.


We are committed to treating all persons in a fair, dignified, and courteous manner.


We commit ourselves to the highest level of moral and ethical conduct.


We are committed to respecting individual differences and cultures while providing fair and equal treatment for all.


We are committed to providing exceptional levels of service, technology, equipment and police development.